A short introduction of me and my blog

Well hello, guys and girls, my name is David and I have decided to start my own blog. Just so we clear that from the beginning, English is not my mother-tongue and I am not a English native speaker, so if I make any mistakes, I am afraid you will just have to forgive and move on with your beautiful lifes.

I am just a teenager with a lot of plans and dreams, who really likes to talk to people and share his opinion on everything. And that is the reason why my blog is called “evrthng“.

In this blog I want to express myself and share my opinion with you guys and also, if possible, find out what you think about everything. It might be about flowers, socks, celebrities, even school, although we know that is a pretty boring subject to talk about.

Hopefully you will like my blog, I am going to try and keep it as entertaining as possible for you guys. Please write me in the comments if you would like me talk about any specific subjects, and I will do my best to keep you all happy.

See ya next time!


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